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Loft Conversion Cost start from: £12,000 - £60,000


Loft Conversions Cost will depend on the type, size, and the area. How much value are we talking about, If you could convert a three-bedroom house into a four-bedroom house with a loft conversion costing you: £30,000 -£40,000, you could get that amount back, and pocket an extra 10% - 15% of the house value, so if your house is worth £300,000 and you spend lets say £30,000 on the cost of a loft conversion, you would already make £45,000, on the value that a loft conversion will yield, and have an extra bedroom with a bathroom.

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The latest research done by Alliance and Leicester have announced that a loft conversion can add up to £100,000 to the value of a property mainly in London, this really means that you cannot lose but only capitalize on what we call the most profitable home improvement investment you could ever take on. All estate agents will tell you that an extra bedroom is the single most valuable asset that a family house can have and to convert your loft space is much more easier than building an extension.


Before you start your loft conversion plan, you will need to know whether your loft is worth all the effort. You will need to take a Tape measure, and measure the height, start from the bottom of the joists, and measure to the top of the apex, the measurements should be a minimum of 2.4m or 7'8, if any lower, than you would have to lower your ceilings below.


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